is a series of sound performance-installations in open spaces, centred around collective listening experiences. They are born out of a research-based process which brings the location and its ecology (acoustic and otherwise) to the centre. The acoustics of the space itself become central to the listening experience, with the space emerging as a primary collaborator and co-creator. values listening experiences as a means of connecting to open spaces with deeper attention, offering a space and time for deeper listening, understanding, and experiencing. It is an opportunity to bring people together, find restful space, and discover alternate means of connecting to our non-human ecological counterparts.

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OSN01    Għar Neffied


Immersing participants into the aquatic world of Għar Neffied, a pair of speakers were placed into a resonant cave, and a second pair into the arch opposite. Bringing together field recordings, archive sound, watery melodies and FM radio transmission, participants were immersed into an exploration of sound, amplified and transformed by resonant spaces. Bouncing and travelling between water and rocks, the rhythm of the sea was picked up by microphones, and fed back into the system.

OSN02A/02B    Buskett


Developed from a fascination around the life cycle of the cicada, two listening sessions were held in Buskett. The natural architecture of the space and upward movement of the cicada came to inspire an exploration of spatial sound, in which a soundscape of cicada song, field recordings and archive audio was emitted from surrounding trees and bushes. Woody, terrestrial sounds were picked up from the space and sent into the system, spiralling above and around the participants’ heads.

OSN x    R Gallery


Footsteps, motorbikes, metal poles, wind: OSN is investigating night-time city sounds. Facilitated by music, field recording, live composition, archival sound and text contributions by Noah Fabri, this is an exploration of the late-night Sliema lullaby.

R Gallery’s international group show Oikos Logia explored the dysfunctional relationship between humans and habitat. Here, OSN searches to rediscover the urban habitat and its unique interferences and resonances, moving through its sonic landscape with open and attuned ears first.